ERP Vision 2020 Project

Welcome to the City of Boise's ERP Vision 2020 project site.  ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and includes processes and tools for timecards, payroll, paying vendors, collecting revenue, managing budgets, and may more human resource and financial functions.  This site will be a key communication tool for all employees impacted by this project.  The project teams will keep the site updated with information related to the many phases and milestones of this project.  Because this project includes changes to the current time collection and payroll process, we will continue to provide helpful information, including FAQs and tools to calculate potential impacts to you as a City employee.  This site will provide schedules for future educational sessions specific to your division and work group.

The ERP Vision 2020 project is an extensive project and will require the participation and collaboration of the entire city work force.  We expect to have the time collection phase completed by July 1st and the other Human Resource and Financial phases will be a two year project and the estimated completion is August 2012.


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