ERP Project History

In 2005, the City of Boise developed a strategic information technology assessment and plan. This assessment concluded that the City was underutilizing and under-supporting its Tier 1enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, PeopleSoft. This system provided Payroll, General Ledger (GL), Accounting, and Budgeting functions.  Most Tier 1 software applications are utilized by large enterprises that include multi-language, multi-national sites. In effect, the city was attempting to use a product built for large companies, not mid sized cities.  To put the city's financial size in perspective, here are a few statistics.  The City's Operating Budget is approximately $250 million and has a biannual (every two years) budget build with six year projections.  The City of Boise has a full time employee staff of 1,600 with an additional 450 seasonal peak.

In 2008, the City conducted a return on investment analysis of its ERP, which identified benefits of moving from the City's PeopleSoft 8.8 Financial Management System (FMS) and Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to a mid-market solution.

Following this report, the City of Boise has been undergoing a business process re-engineering effort for the key functions within the ERP system. The resulting ERP Functional Analysis and Recommendation reports can also be downloaded from the City's website listed above. These reports identify recommended "to-be" process, business rules, and system changes for timekeeping/payroll, business planning/budgeting, accounts payable/purchasing/contract management, human resources, and accounts receivable/billing/cash receipting.

In July of 2010, the City of Boise selected a time collection system from a company called Cybershift, we are currently underway with this project and will be rolling this out in phases to the departments starting in February of 2011.  In November of 2010, after an extensive process the city selected Lawson's software package and will be working with a company called Ciber to implement the product.  Implementation is expected to begin January, 2011.

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