ERP Project Team

Steering Committee:

Jade Riley, Mayor's Office,
Shawn Miller, Director, Human Resource Department,
Debbie Broughton, Director, Finance & Administration Department,
Neal Oldemeyer, Director, Public Works Department,
Garry Beaty, Chief Information Officer, IT,

Project Manager:

Lisa Schoenfelder, IT,

Change Management Team:

Neal Oldemeyer, PW,
Mollie Holt, Parks & Rec,
Mike O'Dell, Airport,
Tonya Wallace, DFA,
Carla Miller, HR,
Kenneth Carlsen, HR,
Heather Mink, PW,

Time Collection Core Project Team:

Kenneth Carlsen, HR,
Cathy Prado, DFA,
Lynn Shrum, HR,
Wendie Barry, PW,
Jackie Huffman, PW,
Victor Clifton, IT,
Tina Bianca, Airport,
Debbie Rice, Legal,
Sue Gross, Police,
Kendra Miller, Fire,
Debbie Allen, Legal,
Kim Park, Parks & Rec,

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